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Bringing Yoga and Mindfulness into the schools is a true passion of Jessica's. When an entire community is learning strategies together the results are immeasurable.

Lily Pad Yoga offers:
*Classroom based Yoga and Mindfulness for toddlers through teens
*Staff development 
*After school classes
*On-site Yoga and Mindfulness classes for teachers
*Our children hear us say “focus” or “pay attention.” These are skills that can be learned and strengthened.
*How we move our bodies affects how we feel! We know our brain sends our body information, but our bodies send a lot of information to our brain. Yoga poses can be utilized to affect our attention, confidence, emotions and energy levels.
*Children learn strategies of Mindfulness and breath to tune in, slow down and cultivate present moment awareness.
*There is a large emotional intelligence component that is brought into Jessica's teachings.  Children practice being mindful of how they feel, identifying and labeling emotions, and tuning in to how their feelings affect their bodies, minds and behaviors.  
*Jessica is working more and more with children who feel nervous at school or about school. She teaches them strategies that they can use at home, and so important- right at their desk, to help them handle this big emotion.
*Children are so excited about what they have learned! They can’t wait to go home and share it with all the people they love. This means that the people that love them have strategies to support them. This gives parents and caregivers strategies that truly help the child when they are feeling nervous.
Is your school is in a district that participates in the BOCES Arts in Education Program? Jessica is a provider. This provides a cost-effective way for schools to bring Lily Pad Yoga's program to their students.

Please be in touch if you would like to learn more about Lily Pad Yoga's program.

Lily Pad Yoga can currently be found at: Increase Miller Elementary School, Katonah Elementary School, Katonah Playcare, Rippowam Cisqua Upper Campus and Lower Campus, ThisleWaithe South Salem Campus, and ThistleWaithe Katonah Campus.
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