Frequently asked questions

Will my child be able to sit and focus for the entire class time?

Yoga is brought to the youngest children through stories, songs, dance, art and through their brilliant imaginations and creative expressions. Children’s classes are very different from adult classes. Are the children feeling silly/tired/energized/happy/sad/anxious today? That’s ok, Jessica will meet them exactly where they are!​

My child has special needs. Will he be able to join class?

Jessica is a seasoned Occupational Therapist with years of experience working with children. She has a keen understanding of children who require a greater amount of sensory input to organize their bodies, children who have a difficult time attending, children who are low tone. She is always happy to speak with caregivers about any concerns.

Can my child have private yoga sessions?

Yes, private and semi-private classes are available upon request.

Where are classes held?

Jessica has a private studio in Katonah, as well as holding classes at various studios in the area. She will also provide classes in student’s homes upon request.

Would Jessica be able to teach in my child’s school?

Jessica would be happy to reach out to neighboring schools to see if they would be interested in implementing a Yoga and Mindfulness program.